About Us...

In the late 1960ís a small but enthusiastic group of cat fanciers, sharing the common bonds of admiration and affection for cats, got together in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to form what is today the Greater Lancaster Feline Fanciers, Inc. In 1969 the club opted for affiliation with the Cat Fanciers Association, Inc. and served as a meeting ground to share knowledge of pedigreed cats, both in becoming acquainted with breed standards as well as the intricacies of breeding to those standards. Currently recognized CFA breeds and their standards can be seen at the CFA website under Breeds.

The club held its first show in 1970 in Lancaster. The first shows were held in the Guernsey Sales Pavilion which stood on Lincoln Highway East. The Guernsey barn hosted many events from cattle sales to home shows to sports shows to pet animal exhibits. When the Guernsey barn succumbed to the arrival of the outlet malls, the show venue was changed to the York, PA Fairgrounds.
The shows continue there to this day, with the traditional dates being the first Saturday in May and the first Saturday in October. Basic information on how to enter and exhibit a cat is available on the CFA site under Cat Shows. A list of shows and fliers for each of them is available at catshows.us. The site also features an online entry service for exhibitors.

The club welcomes prospective members who share an interest in cats, be it as a pet owner, exhibitor, or breeder. The shows, which highlight pedigreed cats at their finest, raise funds which have been donated to local feline rescue work as well as research to improve feline health and well-being. GLFF has reached the $10,000 mark in donations to the Winn Foundation, which funds grants for research in diverse feline health issues. We look forward to a future where we will continue to promote the welfare of all cats.